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Mosque leader gives hate crime warning after Archway attack

By Rory Brigstock-Barron Thursday, October 2, 2014   A leader of Islington’s Muslim community has voiced his fear that the attempted murder of an Archway shopkeeper may have been fuelled by Islamophobia following the atrocities committed by extremist group Isil. Mohammed Kozbar, who is the manager of Finsbury Park Mosque in St Thomas’s Road, met police last week after a man was hospitalised by an attack in Holloway Road on Tuesday night of last week. Describing the incident as “worrying”, Mr Kozbar said there had been a heightening of Islamophobic feeling in response to executions by the extremist group based in Iraq and Syria – while the town hall’s crime chief said there had been an upswing in hate crime in the borough. Mr Kozbar said: “This was a very serious attack. It shows a similar approach to the kind of thing that Isil and others are trying to do, and it is worrying for the ...

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The Muslim Association of Britain condemns the killing of Alan Henning

      The Muslim Association of Britain would like to extend its sincere condolences to the family and friends of British Aid Worker Alan Henning who was murdered by ISIS in such tragic and deplorable circumstances. We condemn the killing of this innocent man in no uncertain terms. This act further demonstrates that ISIS have no regard to the laws of Islam that they claim to be upholding. Omer El-Hamdoon, MAB’s President commented: “Alan was a courageous, kind and heroic man who displayed a great example of sacrifice. He sacrificed his comforts to help others in desperate needs, which is what the message of Eid ul Adha is about. He has demonstrated a great example for others to follow.”

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The leader of Islington council addressed the Muslim community prior to Eid

      The leader of Islington Council Cllr Richard Watts and     Cllr Paul Convery visited Finsbury Park Mosque today after Friday prayer to address the Muslim Community prior the Eid celebration, they wished the congregation a happy Eid.

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Finsbury Park Mosque welcomes Sheikh Abu Bakr Alshatri to the Mosque on Arafa day

    Sheikh Abu Bakr Alshatri will be visiting Finsbury Park Mosque on Friday 3rd October in a tour organised by Human Appeal.   The programme will start at 6.30pm (an hour before salatul Muhgrib) with recitation by the Sheikh Shatri and short talk. Then Salatul Mughrib led by sheikh Abu Bakr and the iftar after that.   The main programme will resume after the iftar and sheikh will recite Quran and give a short reminder, then it will be followed by fundraising appeal carried by Human Appeal.   The program will stay up until salatul isha where the sheikh will lead the prayer Inshaallah.

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Parking on Eid-Day Saturday 4/10/2014

            Dear brothers and sisters As salaam o alykum wa rahmatullah e wa barkatuhu wa Eid Mubarak. Parking on Eid-Day From 8.30 am to 1.00 pm Please note that free parking has been agreed by Islington Council to the Muslim Community as a goodwill gesture on the roads named on the list and marked on the attached plan strictly according to the parking guidance below.  You are allowed to park on:- Residents’ Parking Bays on the named roads only. Pay & Display Bays without making any payment. On Single Yellow Lines (unless there are loading restrictions) and not causing any obstructions.  You must NOT park on:- Double Yellow Lines Footways Disable Bays Loading Bays Private roads or properties, and Very close to junctions / bollards. Please remember this free parking is descretionary. The Council will be monitoring it. We are using facilities that are meant for local residents. If we park with care and considerations, residents will not complain. Then, we may get the permission again in future. Please use ...

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Avoiding loneliness on the International Day of Elder Persons – 1st October

By Khalil Charles Last year 31,000 people died of cold in the winter months and many of those who died were over 75 years old and living lonely and isolated lives. Loneliness has been described as the ‘curse of old age’ and despite organisations and charities set up to solve the problem with the growing and ageing population, loneliness in old age is set to continue to plague our senior citizens.   Estimates place the numbers of old people that feel lonely all or most of the time at around 800,000. Ann Goodman, the Policy and Research officer at The Campaign to End Loneliness says her organisation was set up as a network of groups to adjust loneliness. They campaign and share good-practice whilst engaging in research and helping to influence policy on connections with older age people.   She told the Muslim Association of Britain that although loneliness is growing partly because the UK ...

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Eid ul Adha 2014 Prayers

                        The date for Eid ul Adha has been announced for Saturday 4th October 2014. 1st Prayer:08:00 am Sheikh Chukri Arabic / English 2nd Prayer: 09:00 am Sheikh Waleed Safur Arabic / English 3rd Prayer: 10:00 am Sheikh Mohamed Ali Arabic / English

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Our Mosque participated in Finsbury Park Community fun Games day

Finsbury Park Mosque participated in "Finsbury Park Community fun Games day" along with other churches and mosques and community centres in Finsbury Park last Sunday 21th September 2014 from 1-4pm. It was at track-in-park and events include Athletics, football, fun games and children's activities such as sack races and football tournament. Some of our youth won some medals. Among the guests who addressed the audience, our local MP Jeremy Corbyn and the Mayor of Haringey Cllr Kaushika Amin. This event was sponsored by Haringey Council and Islington Council. Initiated and supported by the Finsbury Park Community games group - a partnership of faith groups in Finsbury Park neighbourhoods.  

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Somali Community meeting at FPM

Finsbury Park Mosque with other Somali community organisations called for an urgent meeting to discuss the difficulties arising among some young people around Finsbury Park Mosque and Seven Sister Road, partly as a consequence of the ban on Khat by the government. Anti Social behaviour and the use of Alcohol and how the ban of Khat effected these young people, are among other issues addressed in this meeting by The chairman of the Mosque Mohammed Kozbar, the local MP Jeremy Corbyn, officer Aaron Barnes from the Islington Police, Abdirahman Jabril from the Somali community, Councillors Paul Convery,  Asima Shaikh, Gary Heather, Rakhia Ismail and Michael O'Sullivan, also Louise Horton from CRI Islington.  

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The Muslim Association of Britain condemns the beheading of Journalist David Haines

14th September 2014The Muslim Association of Britain condemns the beheading of British Journalist David Haines The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) condemns in the strongest terms the beheading of the British journalist David Haines by ISIS in northern Iraq. This act falls nothing short of being heinous and atrocious; and is condemned unreservedly. The killing of any civilian should NOT be tolerated and is thence condemned. MABbelieves more needs to be done in moving to a peaceful resolution of the various armed conflicts in that region. Security, democracy and legitimate governance have to be re-established as a matter of urgency, without the further cost of more civilian casualties. Dr Omer El-Hamdoon said, “Our condolences and thoughts go out to the family of Mr Haines, at this difficult time.” [ENDS]   Notes to Editors: MAB is a British organisation dedicated to serving society through promoting Islam in its spiritual teachings, ideological and civilising concepts, and moral and human values. MAB ...

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