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FPM hosted Islamophobic Hate Crime Forum meeting

Following the terrible incident on Holloway Road last September 2014, when a Muslim shopkeeper being attacked and injured by a knife because he looks like a Muslim. Finsbury Park Mosque with other Muslim Mosques and community organisations had a number of discussions with the local MP, the Islington police, the Islington council and Islington faith forum regarding establishment of a community led forum to examine the Police management and investment of Islamophobic and anti Muslim hate crime on the borough. The aim of the forum is to build confidence between the local Muslim community and the local Police, identify improvements in the service delivery by the Police and increase safety and perception of Muslim people within the community. Finsbury Park Mosque hosted the initial community meeting with the Police and the Council where more than 15 Mosques and Community representatives attended. After the welcome from the Mosque chairman Mohammed Kozbar, a presentation ...

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End of term party for ESOL and IT courses

Sisters section at the Mosque and Kurdish Middle Eastern Women Organisation have completed ESOL and IT courses which last for 12 weeks. A nice little end of term party took place and a very positive feed back from the sisters who are very keen to continue with these courses after the Christmas holiday, therefore we decided to start the ESOL course again straight after the holiday on Wednesday 7th January 2015 Inshaallah.    

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Depression in the light of faith

Finsbury Park Mosque would like to invite you to join a lecture entitled: "Depression in the light of faith”   On Sunday December 14th 2014 After Magrib prayer [4:00pm]   Speaker: Dr Muhammed Zeyn Green-Thompson Consultant psychiatrist   Talk will be in English - ALL ARE WELCOME

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Muslim Council of Britain backs Archbishop’s call to increase support for the UK hungry

The Muslim Council of Britain backs the Archbishop of Canterbury call on our government to do more to support those who find themselves hungry in this time of economic hardship and austerity. The Archbishop's call comes as an All-Party Parliamentary Committee today proposes urgent recommendations to tackle food poverty and hunger. The Secretary General of the MCB, Dr Shuja Shafi said today:- “We are extremely concerned at reports of increasing dependency by Britons on food banks and that people are going hungry including families with young children. In our country, one of the richest in the world, this is simply unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen. We therefore welcome the intervention by the Archbishop and fully support his call.” “Like many faith and civil society groups who have stepped up to provide food for those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation struggling to put meal on the table, many of our affiliated ...

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From Friday 28-11-2014 Jumah khutbah starts 12:30 at Finsbury Park Mosque

                  From Friday 28-11-2014  Jumah khutbah starts 12:30 at Finsbury Park Mosque and Jumah khutbah starts 12:15 at Muslim Welfare House  

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Islamophobia Awareness month

                Islamophobia Awareness Month during November, let us kick Islamophobia out of our society

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Finsbury Park Mosque has been awarded the “Visible Quality Mark”

Finsbury Park Mosque has been awarded the “Visible Quality Mark” by Community Matters. The Visible Standards are endorsed by the Charity Commission. Finsbury Park Mosque is the first mosque and the third faith organisation in the country to receive the award. We would like to take this apportunity to thank our stakeholders, partners, staff, volunteers and our community in general who without their help and support, we would not receive this award.

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Mosque leader gives hate crime warning after Archway attack

By Rory Brigstock-Barron Thursday, October 2, 2014   A leader of Islington’s Muslim community has voiced his fear that the attempted murder of an Archway shopkeeper may have been fuelled by Islamophobia following the atrocities committed by extremist group Isil. Mohammed Kozbar, who is the manager of Finsbury Park Mosque in St Thomas’s Road, met police last week after a man was hospitalised by an attack in Holloway Road on Tuesday night of last week. Describing the incident as “worrying”, Mr Kozbar said there had been a heightening of Islamophobic feeling in response to executions by the extremist group based in Iraq and Syria – while the town hall’s crime chief said there had been an upswing in hate crime in the borough. Mr Kozbar said: “This was a very serious attack. It shows a similar approach to the kind of thing that Isil and others are trying to do, and it is worrying for the ...

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The Muslim Association of Britain condemns the killing of Alan Henning

      The Muslim Association of Britain would like to extend its sincere condolences to the family and friends of British Aid Worker Alan Henning who was murdered by ISIS in such tragic and deplorable circumstances. We condemn the killing of this innocent man in no uncertain terms. This act further demonstrates that ISIS have no regard to the laws of Islam that they claim to be upholding. Omer El-Hamdoon, MAB’s President commented: “Alan was a courageous, kind and heroic man who displayed a great example of sacrifice. He sacrificed his comforts to help others in desperate needs, which is what the message of Eid ul Adha is about. He has demonstrated a great example for others to follow.”

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The leader of Islington council addressed the Muslim community prior to Eid

      The leader of Islington Council Cllr Richard Watts and     Cllr Paul Convery visited Finsbury Park Mosque today after Friday prayer to address the Muslim Community prior the Eid celebration, they wished the congregation a happy Eid.

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