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On Friday 27th November after Isha time, someone tried to burn the Mosque by throwing a Molotov bottle. Alhamdulillah it did not explode and no one got hurt and no damage was done. We contacted the police this morning and they have sealed the Mosque and are investigating the incident. We have expressed our deepest concerns to the police and hope they will take this attack very seriously. We hope they find out who is behind this grave incident and catch the perpetrators. We would like to assure our community in Islington that such crime has no place within our society and we are determined more than ever to promote community cohesion and harmony.

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Labour Leader visits Finsbury Park Mosque, sending a powerful message of support.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, Richard Watts, Leader of Islington council & Cllr Asima Shaikh visited Finsbury Park Mosque today Friday 20th of November, and addressed the large congregation who had gathered to perform Friday prayers. The message delivered by Mr. Corbyn was powerful and unequivocal, in that at a time when the atrocious crimes committed in Paris were on everyone's mind, Muslims in Britain were neither responsible nor should they be treated any differently from any member of British society as a result. Mr. Corbyn reiterated his admiration and respect to the Muslim community for its longstanding commitment to British society's multi-cultural and multi-faith principles, demonstrated brilliantly in the manner in which Finsbury Park Mosque was transformed by the local Muslim community from being a place of trouble, to being an award winning model of community cohesion and a beacon of inspiration to all other Mosques and Islamic centres. Mohammed ...

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Campaign to Highlight Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism Everywhere

** Press Release 18th November 2015 Today the Muslim Council of Britain took out an advert in the national press to underscore the united condemnation Muslims have of terrorism, especially after the Paris attacks last Friday. Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said "The advert aims to highlight how Muslims everywhere have consistently and without reservation spoken out against terror. It is important that our fellow Britons hear this message loudly and clearly". The advert states 'The barbaric acts of Daesh (or ISIS, as they are sometimes known) have no sanction in the religion of Islam, which forbids terrorism and the targeting of innocents.' It adds ‘The aim of attacks like those inflicted on Paris and other cities across the world is to turn communities against each other. As Muslims, Britons and Europeans, we must stand together to make sure they do not succeed.’ The advert was organised by the Muslim Council of Britain and signed off by more than ...

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Fake letters trying to “incite hatred” towards Finsbury Park Mosque

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A joint statement from London Mosques regarding the brutal attacks in Paris

Today many of us woke up to the news of ­what is a horrific crime against innocen­t lives in Paris. Such barbaric attacks,­ committed in the name of our religion i­s unjustifiable. We feel deeply saddened by this news an­d we wholeheartedly send our condolences­ to the families of the deceased and we ­pray to God to safeguard us all from the­ wrong doings of criminalls wherever and­ whoever they might be. The perpetrators of this heinous act go­ against the fundamental teachings of Is­lam, which encourages the safe guarding ­of human life. Allah says in the Quran: "Whoever saves a life it is as if he has­ saved the life of the whole humanity." ­(Quran 5:32) This also means, whoever k­ills a life it is as if he has killed th­e whole humanity! We, the Islamic centres in UK, strongly ­condemn the killing of innocent lives an­d strongly oppose the usage of ...

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Young sisters event at Finsbury Park Mosque on Sunday 15/11/2015

Crazia is an Islamic Youth Network project brought to local masajid to invite young girls into the masjid to engage in dynamic discussions around the challenges young people are facing as well as providing a variety of sports activities with opportunities for one to one question and answer sessions. The event helps young girls to develop relationships with the others in a relaxed environment with ample snacks and fresh pizza for lunch!   Come along to the Finsbury Park Mosque hosting of Crazia on Sunday 15th November 2015.   Look out for the posters and circulate the event on social media!

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                      This course is designed to introduce students to the basic skills of reading and writing the Arabic Alphabet. Through class discussions and exercises, students gradually develop good communication and learn the fundamental structure of basic Arabic sentences.              Duration of Course:3 Months (November 2015–January 2016) Two hours per week Small class size (only 10 people per class) Fees: £75 for the whole course including materials (To be paid in advance) For more information, please call us on: 02074245252 OR send an e-mail to:

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FPM wins the PEACE Cup football tournament 2015

Finsbury Park Mosque won the Peace cup football tournament on (Sun 27 September 2015) after a tense final match against AFC (Academy Football Club).The final result was 3-1 To FPM with AFC taking the runners up position. 10 teams took part in the tournament and all played on top form, battling it out to reach the finals. Over 120 youth were engaged in the competition; all from diverse backgrounds. A group of dedicated volunteers helped organise the tournament, which was enjoyed by many and attracted spectators to cheer the teams. This football tournament was organised by the Islington Faiths Forum, Prizes were handed out to the winners of the tournament by Roz Miller, The Director of Islington Faiths Forum. Mohammed Kozbar, the chairman of the mosque said: "We are delighted to win this tournament after 4 years of trying, Finsbury Park Mosque would like to congratulate FPM youth section for their tremendous efforts and also ...

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