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Islam The Religion Of Mercy

Do you want too meet scholars and Ulamma? Do you want to learn more about Islam? Do you want to know what Islam says about contemporary issues? Book this free event below

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Prophetic guidence for raising children according to the Quran and Sunnah

Finsbury Park Mosque invite you to the monthly lecture " Propheticguidence for raising children according to the Quran and Sunnah" Dr. Farih Sheikh Mohammed Sunday 19/04/2015 After Maghrib  prayer

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Young Muslims and British policy

Isis in the UK: Pig headed racism and British policy is pushing young Muslims towards Islamic State By Mohammed Kozbar Vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain and chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque Every time the issue of young British Muslims going to Syria is raised, the same question is asked by both the media and the government: Why isn't the Muslim community doing more to stop these young people joining Islamic State (Isis)? But while the Muslim community should rightly shoulder some responsibility to address this problem, simply putting all the blame and responsibility at the doors of our community will only risk alienating, marginalising and criminalising a new generation of Muslim youth. Impressionable young Muslims who are steered towards extremism are British citizens and our government is duty-bound to engage with both them and the leaders of the Muslim community. The solution is not to issue new counter terrorism bills, a strategy which has ...

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Jumah khutbah starts 13:30 at Finsbury Park Mosque

From Friday 03-04-2015  Jumah khutbah starts 13:30 at Finsbury Park Mosque

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Your Vote Counts

MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED BY 20 APRIL GO OUT AND VOTE ON 7 MAY RAISE AWARENESS IN YOUR COMMUNITY TOMORROW AFTER JUMUAH Respected Sister/Brother in Islam Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah, Your vote matters on 7 May. With a very close election predicted, YOU have the chance to hold your elected representatives to account and change the shape of British politics. We urge you and your mosque to highlight the importance of voting next month and participating in the democratic process. It is important for Muslims to vote on issues that concern us as citizens. As a community we still face issues that hamper our progress, but we can make change. Based on consultations with our affiliate network and focus groups, the Muslim Council of Britain today publishes a document highlighting these concerns. Entitled 'Fairness, Not Favours: British Muslim Perspectives at the 2015 General Election' this document outlines various issues facing our community. Please read and download here, and send to ...

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Salat-Al-Kusuf (Eclipse prayer)

Finsbury Park Mosque &  Muslim Welfare House will be holding Salat-Al-Kusuf (Eclipse prayer) on: Date: Friday 20th March 2015, 8.30am Venue: Finsbury Park Mosque7-11 St Thomas's Road London N4 2QH For more info, please contact Both Mosque reception on020 7424 5252  or 020 7263 3071

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Pictures provided by Amy Smith Islington Tribune

A goodbye party to sister Pauline from St. Thomas's Church

On behalf of everyone at Finsbury Park Mosque, the sister committee organised a party to say goodbye to sister Pauline from St Thomas's Church. Sister Naima, the head of the sister committee at the Mosque said: "it has been a great pleasure having you today, it is very sad to see you move but we hope to keep this friendship on going". Thanks to  Amy Smith Islington Tribune for joining us and providing the Pictures.

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