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Meal For All

"This initiative is a very exciting project for our Mosque. Opening our doors to the whole of the street population, and working in partnership with many community and faith organisations who provide winter shelters and work with street homeless across London."

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Peter Oborne did a really impressive job producing this program!

                  Peter Oborne did a really impressive job producing this program titled "HSBC, Muslims & me". The guardian: London osque chairman demands removal from banks' terrorism blacklist

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Eid al-Fitr: End of Ramadan fast a time to reflect on less fortunate throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim world

              By Mohammed Kozbar Chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque

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Eid Ul Fitr prayers at Finsbury Park Mosque

      Eid Jama'ah Times are as follows: 1st Jama’ah 08:00 AM    - Dr Mohamed Said  (Arabic & English) 2nd Jama’ah 09:00 AM  - Shaykh Chokri Magouli   (Arabic & English) 3rd Jama’ah 10:00 AM   - Shaykh Tawfiq Qasmi   (Arabic & English) It is recommended you pay Zakat-ul-Fitr early,  at the minimum amount of £5.00 per person. This can be paid at the Mosque  before the Eid Jama'ah.                                                                                                                                                               We wish you and your familly a pleasant Eid

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MAB annual Community Iftar at Finsbury Park Mosque

  MAB organised a successful Community Iftar on 6th July 2015. The President of MAB, Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, and Vice-President, Mohammed Kozbar, were delighted to welcome it’s honoured guests who hold different positions in society – from teachers, imams, police officers to activists – and enjoying a good time with them all, including MP Jeremy Corbyn. In these good times, talks where given and reminders circulating, including on the importance of maintaining a nice community feeling by inviting our friends and learning about our religions and cultures. Our friends shared with us not just meals but a community feeling and continuous hopes of strong unity – a message that is ever more needed in a time where unfortunately Muslims are becoming increasingly marginalised and often viewed upon with suspicion and fear in Britain. MAB’s Community Iftar was a nice gathering that sent the message of hope; that we will not allow the media, politicians or ...

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British Muslims to welcome month of Ramadan

British Muslims to welcome month of Ramadan - a month of compassion, charity and self control From tomorrow, British Muslims will join over a billion Muslims all over the world in a month of fasting, charity and solidarity. Key facts about Ramadan can be found here. For one month, Muslims will fast from dawn until sunset. In the UK, Ramadan falls during the summer months and the fasting day could last some 19 hours. The Muslim Council of Britain has issued advice to Muslims to stay healthy during this Ramadan and advice for employees, employers and others to cope with the long fasts: In issuing this advice, Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: "As a retired doctor, healthcare during Ramadan is very important to me. It is important for us to be responsible in the way we fast and take care of our bodies." Remembering God, Giving to Charity In his ...

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Ramadan in 2015 will start on Thursday, the 18th of June

Finsbury Park Mosque congratulates to the Muslim nations and especially the respected people of local community  for the coming of Holy month of Ramadan. We pray to Almighty Allah that by the light and blessings of this holy month, peace and happiness will speared over all the world. Taraweeh prayer will start tommorow Wednesday 17/6/2015 after Isha.

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Finsbury Park Mosque opened its doors to its neighbours for the 6th consecutive year

For the sixth year on a row, Finsbury Park Mosque held its annual Neighbourhood open day & the school open day on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th of June 2015. around 400 people attended the day and around 100 students from different schools from Islington visited the Mosque on Monday. Our local MP, Jeremy Corbyn, well known British journalist Peter Oborne and Councillors Caroline Russell and Andy Hall among many other guests including members from Churches, Community Centres, Islington Faith Forum and charities who attended and showed great support to the activities. Different exhibitions, presentation about the mosque activities, hennah for girls as well as Arabic calligraphy were offered by the mosque to the visitors. Our girls from the mosque youth club preformed few songs about Ramadan in front of the guests and others offered sweets and biscuits with tea, coffee & drinks. Many of the guests have been to a Mosque for the ...

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