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MCB Press Release: 'Not in our Name: British Muslims Condemn the Barbarity of ISIS'

    20 August 2014 Press Release The Muslim Council of Britain once again condemned the actions of the so called "Islamic State in Syria and the Levant", ISIS. Today we express once again our rebuke of this reprehensible organisation. We are horrified at the abhorrent murder of James Foley, a reporter who initially went to the region to expose the human rights abuses of the Syrian regime. ISIS has murdered this man for no reason at all. Each day ISIS seeks to carry out an act more barbarous than the day before, craving the oxygen of publicity to give credibility to their heinous acts. We condemn unreservedly their psychopathic violence, whether it is on minorities, on civilians, or on fellow Muslims. The MCB expressed the British Muslim community's common censure of the group as early as June, and called for joint action to ensure the poison of extremism and sectarianism is not injected into our ...

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Finsbury Park Mosque worshippers demonstrate outside HSBC bank over account closure

8 August 2014 by Susannah Birkwood, Be the First to Comment Three hundred people protested outside a north London HSBC branch, according to the Islington Gazette; the protesters claim the bank has given them no reason for closing the mosque's bank account Worshippers from Finsbury Park Mosque have staged a demonstration outside their local branch of HSBC in London to protest against the bank’s decision to close the charity’s bank account. According to the Islington Gazette newspaper, about 300 people participated in the protest, which took place on Friday outside the HSBC branch on Seven Sisters Road in north London. Khalid Oumar, a trustee of the mosque, said the protest was held because HSBC had not given the charity any reasons for its decision to send a letter saying the mosque’s account would be closed – except for saying that its activities now fell outside the bank’s "risk appetite". "It is important that Londoners and the whole country are informed ...

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Protesters from Finsbury Park mosque at HSBC bank protesting closure of mosque's bank account. Very  good turnout, mashAllah, our local MP Jeremy Corbyn was there condemning the bank action, the media was there as well. A petition with thousands of signatures was handed over to the bank

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Press Release for HSBC Decision FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HSBC DEMONSTRATION OUTSIDE SEVEN SISTERS BRANCH! FRIDAY 15TH AUGUST AT SEVEN SISTERS ROAD, N4 2AW MEET OUTSIDE HSBC BRANCH FROM 2PM! Friday, August 15th at 2pm Outside HSBC, Seven Sisters Road, North London Khalid Oumar , Secretary Board of Trustee of Finsbury Park Mosques announces a protest outside HSBC Bank on Seven Sisters Road, the Mosque's local branch. Local people are turning up opposing the Bank's decision to close the Mosque's Account. Mr Oumar believes HSBC has no reasons for it's decision and it is important that Londoners and the whole country are informed about this baseless decision. More details are available on for more information you can contact 0207424 5252/ 07939097737 - end of release - Finsbury Park Mosque (FPM) is a registered charity in the UK, serving the local Muslim community in Islington and surrounding Boroughs of North London, and working with the diverse ...

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Muslim Council of Britain Commends Baroness Warsi Over Gaza

5 August 2014 The Muslim Council of Britain commended Baroness Sayeda Warsi who resigned today as Senior Minister of State for Faith and Communities. Baroness Warsi resigned from government by stating: "I can no longer support Government policy over Gaza."   Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, praised Baroness Warsi over her decision and paid tribute to her role as a Minister: "Baroness Warsi made a difficult decision in resigning from the Government. But her decision reflects the common humanity that exists in her own party and across the political spectrum, all horrified by the brutality of the Israeli war machine against the people of Gaza. Our government can no longer remain oblivious to the concerns of the British public. It must speak out more firmly against the government in Tel Aviv and pressurise them to stop their bloody campaign and end the siege on Gaza."   Praising Baroness Warsi's ...

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Please sign the Petition to Re-open HSBC Bank Accounts

                To Reject HSBC Bank's decision on Finsbury Park Mosque Bank Account Closure We, the undersigned, fully support Finsbury Park Mosque; and reject HSBC Bank's decision to close their bank account. We request HSBC to reverse their decision and re-instate the bank account with immediate effect.

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HSBC Bank faces backlash after decision to close Bank Accounts

  Chief Executive of the Cordoba Foundation has expressed complete dismay at the decision by HSBC to close down his account and those of his wife and two children. Dr Anas Altikriti posted his reaction on Facebook and said that the Bank had refused to provide him with a satisfactory explanation for the decision.   He wrote, “As long and as hard as I tried to get an explanation from the bank, there was a ‘wall of silence’ and I was left only to speculate on what I had done wrong for the bank to act in such a dramatic way against not only myself, but my entire family. I recognise that the terms and conditions stipulate that the Bank is within its rights to terminate an account without having to offer an explanation, but to hide behind Ts & Cs in this way is shabby treatment in the extreme.”   The news of the ...

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Finsbury Park Mosque to stage HSBC protest over closure of its bank account

Jon Dean Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Finsbury Park Mosque is set to stage a demonstration outside HSBC in anger at the bank’s closing of their account. The protest, expected to take place on August 8 at the Seven Sisters Road branch, follows a letter the mosque received on July 22 telling them their account would be shut. Bosses of the mosque, in St Thomas’s Road, say they have always been good customers and were given no reason for the decision. Mohammed Kozbar, manager of the mosque, accused the bank of “Islamaphobia” but HSBC insisted the decision was not based on race or religion. He said: “They didn’t give a reason, they just sent us a letter saying they have the right to close any account, and we had two months notice. “We have been in touch with the police and Islington Council, and we are going to take action in front of HSBC. “Our respectability and credibility are ...

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Justice for Palestine End the Siege of Gaza

      Speakers: • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition • Shamil Joarder, Friends of Al-Aqsa • Glynn Secker, Jews for Justice for Palestinians • Hugh Lanning, Palestine Solidarity Campaign • Cllr James Murray, Islington Council Chair: • Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington Council Welcome: • Dr Mohammed Ali Said, Finsbury Park Mosque 7pm, Thursday 7th August Finsbury Park Mosque, St Thomas’s Road N4 For more information: Supported by: Phone: 020 7561 7488 Email:

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HSBC closes some Muslim groups' accounts

HSBC bank has written to Finsbury Park Mosque and other Muslim organisations in the UK to tell them that their accounts will be closed. The reason given in some cases was that to continue providing services would be outside the bank's "risk appetite". Read more

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